Glenmoore, PA
Master Bathroom Renovation

A Dream Master Bath Delivered

  • Spaces: Master Bathroom
  • Project Type: Renovation

About this Project

Marble dream bathroom in Chester County! For this bathroom renovation, the Craftsworth Construction team really shined. We started off by removing the existing green, veined, builder-grade tiles, red shower tile, and the swimming-sized, drop-in bathtub that was originally installed by the builder over 30 years ago. With a blank slate in front of us, the client requested the largest sized tile possible, with minimal grout joints, a sleek soaking tub, and plenty of cabinet storage. After presenting a number of tile options to the client, we landed on a 2′x4′ Porcelona tile, that fit the bill perfectly. The challenges of working with a tile of this size along with narrow 1/16″ grout joint result in an extremely time consuming process that requires expertise to achieve the desired results. The client was thrilled with the outcome (see the project photos below). Next, our Craftsworth Residential Construction team worked for numerous days with a large bridge saw, diamond grit sanding blocks, and diamond handheld cutting tools, to finish with diamond polishing pads. Every angled cut in the bathroom is a perfectly crafted miter joint, that required extreme patience to achieve and hone in to 1/32 of a degree. Very few things in life are perfect, but this is, by far, the closet thing we have ever seen! Other additions included a frameless glass shower enclosure, Kholer free standing tub and faucet, Craftsworth custom cabinets with tower storage, quartz counter tops, a custom fit mirror finished this space perfectly!

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