Downingtown, PA Roof Repairs and Full Kitchen Remodel

Downingtown, PA – Numerous Structural Roof Repairs Plus Full Kitchen Remodel After Heavy Storm Damage

  • Spaces: Kitchen, Exterior, Roof, Deck
  • Project Type: Repairs and Renovation

About this Project

We got the call one morning that this homeowner had the unthinkable happen to them, and they needed help fast. During a bad storm, a large tree had fallen on the rear of their home and caused major damage to their kitchen and exterior. Luckily no one hurt! The homeowner was displaced from their home as it was not structurally sound, and we had to act fast. Craftsworth quickly took the lead on the project working with the insurance company, our engineering firm, local officials, and inspectors to develop a plan to remove the tree and make the necessary repairs. The scope included rebuilding a brick wall, structurally rebuilding 10 roof trusses, installing an entire new roof, structurally repairing their deck, installing all new hardwood flooring, installing custom cabinets with granite tops, and commercial appliances.

Project Folio

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