Bronze Takes the Medal! - The Newest Trend in Fixtures for your Next Remodel!

by Matt Morton| 2/26/2019

For the longest time, fixture and hardware finishes were almost always the same chrome or nickel color, which will always have their place in the industry.  But now they are being overrun by the eclectic styles of today’s products hitting the markets!

Selecting a finish for your new kitchen faucet and cabinet hardware, or for your new bathroom, can make a huge difference for your renovation. Most commonly, the contrast of the fixtures will stand out among the neutral back drops of your cabinets, counters, paint, and tile selections, and it’s for this reason your new fixtures are sure to make one of the largest impacts on your entire space!

Traditional Brass Finish

When we think of brass as a finish, we think of old and dated door knobs and hinges, and even builders’ grade 1990 plumbing fixtures.

The use of brass-colored hinges and knobs, and old faucets like we see above is why most people never consider the possibility of using brass and immediately turn their attention to stainless steel, or nickel-colored hardware for their fixtures and interior décor. Although brushed nickel has its place and will always be a staple in the world of interior design, style and finishes come and go with time, just like anything else.

Back with the Brass???

Hard to believe? Yeah, you and me both!  For the longest time I would never have dreamed of designing a new space with the use of brass finishes, but we are now seeing an uphill trend in just that! Antique brass, or brushed brass as its also referred to (slightly different shades), is raw brass or brass plating that has been treated chemically to mimic that of old, weathered brass. Take a look at the photo below, where the homeowner tastefully used a brushed brass finish to be the focal point in this new kitchen! Wow!!! Right?

The use of this new finish is not limited to the cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures, we are seeing it pop all over the place, in furniture, lighting, appliances, décor, and even tile!  We just love the way GE has implemented this finish into their Café series of appliances.


The finish is tasteful, trendy, and seems to pair itself nicely with a light or dark colored back drop, depending on how it is supported with rest of the interior décor and design elements. Brushed brass looks great in the photo above on a white kitchen with hints of wood tones, but it also pairs well with dark colors like the rich navy blue that we see below!

How about the lighting in this bathroom and kitchen? The soft glow of the brass accents the lighter tones of white just enough to portray true elegance!

We have seen a lot of finishes come and go over the years. From traditional brass to polished chrome and brushed nickel to oil rubbed bronze! We truly believe that the finish you choose for your next remodel, or face lift, can make or break your space! Like it or not, brass is back, and with such an incredible presence that it is sure to add the bling your looking for!